Motorcycle Frame Straightening

Frame straightening can be necessary even from a small shunt. In fact a large part of the straightening that we have done has been for race teams taking brand new bikes form the crate and ensuring that both their main race bike and the wet bike are exactly the same geometrically i.e more accurately than factory tolerances.

What's Involved ?
An essential part of motorcycle frame alignment is the ability to check for any fractures within the frame structure and if appropriate be able to remedy these.
Our onsite alloy and stainless steel welding facilities save hours of dismounting and remounting of bikes on the Jig. Not just saving time and money, but giving far better results all round.
Estimated Costs
No two bikes are crashed in the same way (unless you know better, and if you do, you should have learned the first time!). It is impossible to quote a definitive price for frame straightening. If all goes well, nothing cracks, then a very rough guide is 2 to 4 hours after setup, but again this can vary on the severity of the damage.
One thing we can tell you - we won't even start if we don't think that there is a hope of straightening your frame, and if we can, it will save you hundreds of pounds (if not over $1000) over the cost of a new frame and re-framing.