Projex/Hirequip Ltd
Brugar Engineering has taken care of our engineering needs, since 1980's. The service and quality is outstanding.
Oscar Speemand. (Service Manager)
Frank Allen Tyres (Grey Lynn)
Brugar Engineering repairs our Mag Wheels, without a doubt the best repairs seen.
Darren Cunnings. (Branch Manager)
Mag & Turbo (Nth Shore)
Brugar Engineering has been repairing our damaged rims for many years now, Always giving excellent service and a top notch job.
Jaydene Sage (Manager)
Dove Construction
Brugar Engineering builds and supplies all of our Engineering requirements, Beams, balustrades, stairs, fences etc�
Nigel Tizard.
Number one
There are many clients willing to express there opinions on our site and we will show them as time go's
As diverse as our customers are.
The exposure and the association with Brugar Engineering Ltd will only benefit all party's.